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Mandarin Vocabulary Express Champions

16 十一月 2018

From Wednesday 10th to Thursday 18th October, our Year 10 and Year 11 students competed in a national competition, ‘Vocab Express League of Champions’. The students were challenged to complete as many vocabulary blocks in French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish as possible during the week of the competition. Our Key Stage 4 linguists scored a fantastic total of 317,353 points - an RHS record!

In the national competition, our students came 1st in the Mandarin national championship, with 68,660 points. We were placed 5th in Spanish with 112,550 points, and 6th in German with 30,990 points. Marigold Whitaker gained the honour of not just best in school with a total of 60,260 points, but national Mandarin champion. Darcy Gresham made the top ten in the national Spanish competition, placed 9th with 41,165 points. Congratulations to all Year 10 and 11 students, and to our highest scorers below.

Marigold Whitaker (Year 11) Best in School, National Mandarin champion with 60,260 points

Darcy Gresham (Year 11) 9th in Spanish national competition with 41,165 points

Elena Balfagon Costa (Year 11) 40,430 points

Eloise Evans (Year 10) 34,495 points

Daisy John (Year 10) 34,195 points

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