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Matilda Celebrates 'Best Performer' Award

19 二月 2020

On Friday night, the Theatre Royal Theatre School held their annual awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate young talent in Bath.

We are delighted to be able to share and celebrate that Matilda in 11B was recognised as ‘Best Performer in a Dramatic Role’ following her work as Scheherazade in ‘Arabian Nights’, having been nominated alongside older actors from the cast of ‘Hamlet’. Matilda has always enjoyed being part of school productions and has recently celebrated being ‘Young Actor of the Year’ here at RHS, as well as receiving a Sixth Form scholarship for Drama.

Alongside Matilda, Daisy in 9B was awarded the ‘East Award’ which is given to a student who ‘Lives by the theatre School ethos – Be kind, be brave, be yourself’.

Daisy has enjoyed being part of theatre productions from a young age and was part of our production of ‘Annie’ last year, as well as looking forward to her role in our upcoming KS3 play.

It is fabulous to share in Daisy and Matilda’s success and see them use and develop the skills they have honed and developed with our Drama department in school as they branch out into working with different companies. Special thanks must go to Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Vincent-Norgate and Katherine for their teaching, support and encouragement of our homegrown talent.

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