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MFL Karaoke

19 十月 2018

Last Friday lunchtime, the Hudson Centre was full of song as Key Stage 3 and 4 students took part in the MFL Karaoke Competition where students sang songs in French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. With a microphone, lyrics and a room full of students supporting their friends, everyone was in high spirits with all joining in with songs such as ‘Le lion est mort ce soir’ (Kids United) and ‘Bailando’ (Enrique Iglesias). This year there were staff entries too! The languages teachers sang in Mandarin, and Mr Briggs and Mme White performed a duet in French.

The event was full of laughter and fun and brought that “Friday feeling” to everyone who attended. Congratulations to all the students who performed; the performances were fantastic, with linguistic and performance skills on show, and plenty of creativity and commitment!

Special congratulations to the students below:

KS3 winners

Erin Wilkinson, Grace Adams and Jemima Lawrie – ‘Le lion est mort ce soir’

KS3 Runners-up

Karah Parry and Leanne Keyter – ‘On dirait’

KS4 winner

Philippa Frohlich – ‘Je vole’

KS4 Runners-up

Anson Lee and Kiara Andjelkov Sforza de Almeida - ‘Angel Cruel’

Eliza Hyde, Katie-Anne Cox and Roxanne Livingstone – ‘Je vole’

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