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Mission (Im)Possible

25 九月 2017

Last Saturday the boarders travelled to Mendip Outdoor Pursuits Centre to take part in our annual Boarders’ Team Building Day. They had a very steep climb through the woods up to our base and then they were split into mixed age groups, with Gloucester House in their own teams.

Each group had an instructor to take them around a course of exercises, which meant they had to work together as a team to gain part of a code to crack. Some of these activities included getting through a giant spider’s web without touching the tape, getting from A to B on a land raft having to move the rollers, stacking crates as high as possible and archery.

Once the teams had the codes to crack, they ended up with a series of numbers to open the prize chest. The team who had gained the most points got to open the chest first and won a trophy and some well-deserved chocolate!

We were incredibly lucky with the weather all day, with only the slightest shower at lunchtime and the boarders all commented on how much fun they’d had together. On Sunday they had earned themselves some downtime at the cinema.

This weekend the boarders can look forward to eating more chocolate on their visit to Cadbury World, where they can learn about the process of how chocolate is produced and about the history of chocolate. All this after having tried out some gruesome theatre and prosthetic makeup in a workshop by Bath Academy of Media Make-Up on Saturday…watch this space for photos!

Mrs Custodio

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