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MUN - Uniting Nations

08 三月 2017

On Friday 3rd March, a team of Royal High students from Years 12 and 13 arrived at Kingswood School for the 27th Bath International Schools Model United Nations. This year our school sent two delegations, Singapore and Kenya. We were all excited (and a little nervous) to be joining over 500 other students from many schools in what promised to be an interesting and enjoyable weekend.

On Friday evening, we split into committees and lobbied other delegates to sign our resolutions on a wide range of issues, from Lily’s proposal on marine pollution to mine on slavery. This was a great way to get to know new people and get a taste of the interesting debates we would have over the next two days.

On Saturday morning, we arrived bright and early, ready for a full day of debate. Each committee debated a number of world issues, following formal UN debate rules. It was an exhausting but brilliant day, with everyone getting a chance to think outside the box and really stretch their minds.

On Sunday, we debated an emergency situation, which required us to think on our feet and come up with solutions for hypothetical global emergencies. Finally, we attended the closing ceremony, which rounded off wonderful weekend. Two of our students, Aida and Ivon, were lucky enough to be commended by the Chair for their work in their committees, which is a great achievement; we are very proud of them!

BISMUN really broadened our horizons and made us think. It also gave us a taste of how real diplomacy and international relations work. Ivon, a delegate for Kenya in Human Rights Committee 2, says she “wrote a resolution that highlighted the problem of migrant workers being exploited in the Middle East. This resolution was chosen for debate and I was commended because of it.

MUN gave me an opportunity to learn about views of other countries as well as valuable improvisation and debate skills.” As Mashal says, the weekend gave us a view into how the UN works in the real world: “MUN is about trying to deal with controversial and catastrophic events which we usually just read about in the newspapers, because actually inserting ourselves into these conflicts and realising their enormity as well as the difficulty of trying to find valid solutions truly gives us an insight into today's important issues.” Minaa said it helped her to “feel more like a part of the global community.”

MUN was a great way to spend the weekend. We would like to thank Mr Evans, Mr Hayward and Mrs Duncan for enabling us to take part in such a brilliant event. We look forward to next year!

Kenya delegates: Aida, Lana, Izzy, and Phyllis .

Singapore delegates: Lily, Ellie, Alice, Ivon, Mashal, and Minaa.

By Alice, Year 12

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