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Reaching Out at the RHStival!

02 八月 2017

Saturday was an action packed day at school with Mrs Bailey, Mrs Coggan, Miss Thynne, Mr Bradbury and Mrs Pocock leading inspirational morning workshops to 80 girls in Year 4 and 5.

The girls came from over 30 different primary schools, including RHS Juniors, to try their hand at the fantastic Dance, Drama and Music workshops. After enjoying a relaxing coffee in the Hudson Centre, the girls’ parents were treated to an informal dance performance, a great end to an exciting morning for all. But the fun didn’t stop there – next stop was the Chapel Field for the spectacular RHStival!

The weather was incredibly kind to us and as Serge tested the sound system and our super sonic Year 10 leaders set out their stalls, the sun came out as if on cue! With Pimms and cakes provided by our incredible ‘Friends of RHS’ and ice creams from our Cambodia team (Mrs Dellar and Ms Hollingsworth), we were suitably refreshed to enjoy the utterly brilliant music from both junior and senior girls, as well as our Community choir.

A big thanks must go to the Year 10 leaders who have set the bar incredibly high for the year ahead! Not only were their stalls inventive and great fun, but their preparation and organisation (overseen by Head Girl, Ellie McKenzie) were immaculate, and their motivation continued throughout the day when they enthusiastically assisted with the tidy-up in the evening. Ellie McKenzie and returning alumna Chloe Newman were joined by Poppy Newman on the registration desk and they were invaluable in assisting all visitors and ensuring everyone was suitably in possession of their RHS tokens to spend at the stalls (thanks, DT department!).

Also joining the RHStival goers were an excitable group of alumnae, who had attended the Annual Alumnae Reunion in the Dining Hall Annex earlier in the morning. Groups of girls from the Classes of 2007 and 1997 celebrated their 10 and 20 year anniversaries respectively, over sparkling champagne and delicious canapes, as they laughed over old photos, press cuttings and magazines.

Guest of honour, Miss Winfield (former Head of RHS and Bath High), reminded the girls that ‘Once a Royal High girl, always a Royal High girl’ and thanked everyone for being part of our wonderful alumnae community. Huge thanks go to Alumnae Prefects Sophia Mexi-Jones and Emily Richardson, and their team of Year 12 and Year 8 volunteers who took our guests on tours of the school and were fabulous ambassadors for our school.

It really was an RHS community day and our thanks go to all who helped to make RHStival such a success. In particular, I would like to extend thanks to Mr Bradbury and Mrs Pocock who started the day so very early with their workshop and were still smiling 10 hours later after an action-packed day.



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