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The Bath Festival of Ironwork

26 六月 2018

On Thursday 14th June a number of our Year 7 students were given the opportunity to participate in the festival of Ironwork, held in The Parade Gardens, Bath. Having walked down after school we were met with a fantastic array of Blacksmiths from around Europe, who had come especially for this event. Students were given an opportunity to work in pairs with a Blacksmith forging a treble clef from iron, using traditional blacksmithing techniques.

Their completed work will be permanently installed at Parade gardens by being attached to a metal sphere that will sit on the roof of the bandstand. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students, who thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on approach to this event. An added bonus was the fact that one of the Blacksmiths, Lucille Scott, was a former GDST girl and a teacher of DT for a number of years at the same school.

This provided a fantastic link for the students whose enthusiasm for the school was supported by Lucille as she reminisced about previous years by.

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