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The First Debte

21 九月 2017

The first sixth form debate was held in W3 at lunchtime on Tuesday 19th September, attended by over thirty-three students  (some of whom were gratifyingly from Year 11) and three members of staff.

Following a recent story in the news, the motion was that ‘This House supports the right of boys to wear dresses at school, regardless of age.’

Volunteering nobly and speaking for the proposition were Rome Mary Estrella and Bessie Chung; speaking for the opposition - even more nobly  - were Lauren McGuire and Hannan Sulieman. Between the four speakers, the girls showed all the requisite debating skills: defining their side of the motion, countering the previous speaker, asking for and controlling points of information, summing up and concluding clearly.

The debate was at its best when research material was used for or against and when each speaker engaged with each other and the audience rather than their notes! The debate was carried by 20 votes to 5 with 11 abstentions; Lauren McGuire being awarded best speaker prize.

Our thanks too to Anastasia Zakharova for chairing and Alix Rutherford timing the debate; and to Mr Hayward for providing the cake.

The next debate in two weeks’ time, Tuesday 3rd October, is inspired by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s ‘you’ve never had it so good’ speech of 1957:

‘That this House believes that the current generation of parents have ruined their children’s lives.’

All welcome.

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