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The Great Year 5 “Pie Off”

27 十一月 2017

As part of our Autumn Theme, ‘The Victorian Legacy’, Year 5 were set the challenge over Half Term to research and write a recipe for pie. In Victorian Britain pies were a popular food and even the first chapter in our class reader is all about ‘Shilling Pie’.

On Monday 13th November 5G went into the Discovery room to take part in ‘The Great British Pie-Off.’ After washing our hands, we set up our stations and soon got ready to bake. Some girls made savoury pies and some made sweet and Megan even made a scotch egg pasty. All of us worked really hard to make sure our pies looked the best we could make them. Whilst we were just getting started Miss Gurney already had her judging face on and her clipboard at the ready!

She was marking us on: hygiene, organisation, confidence in the kitchen, following your recipe, skills with pastry, finished presentation, tidying up, texture and flavour. Once all the pies and pasties came out of the oven and cooled, Ms Rejiester arrived and gave us a mark on presentation. It was then time for the scariest part of all; Miss Gurney and Mrs Keyter tasting our pies! Finally, it was time to announce the winners. It was Megan Brown and Shreya Jagadeesh. They both got a pink apron saying ‘Star Baker’ and a spatula saying ‘Baking Queen’.

It was great fun making pies and we all learned about: time management, pastry making and improved our confidence in the kitchen. Thank you to Mrs Keyter for helping us bake our pies.

By Megan and Daisy, 5G

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