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Volunteering to Make a Difference at Woodside

13 二月 2018

Royal High students Ella and Laura are two quite remarkable Year 12 girls who have taken the volunteering partnership we have with the Woodside Centre, a family centre in Bristol for children and adults with sensory and visual impairments to a new level this year. As a school we have regularly had a small number of girls who each year, have given up their time to help at the centre which provides families a little respite whilst enabling their children to use the fantastic facilities that the centre offers. Funding is a limiting factor at the centre and noting this, Ella and Laura decided to take their contribution one step further by organising a cake sale, sixth form mufti day and leading an assembly to raise the profile of the centre as well as much valued funds. The girls raised £116 for which Children’s Hub Manager, Simon Phillimore was incredibly grateful, he remarked upon the consistently high quality and mature nature of the girls who volunteer their help from the Royal High School and we are really proud to have maintained this partnership which completely relies upon the desire of our girls to step outside of their comfort zone and contribute their time. Ella presented the cheque to Simon where it was gratefully received and we know, will be put to incredibly good use.

If you would like to find out more about the centre or are keen to volunteer yourself (Year 11 and above only), please see Mrs Sheffield.

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