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Women Mean Business

28 十一月 2017

On Tuesday afternoon a group of 18 luminaries, experts and alumnae arrived at the Sixth Form to deliver inspirational talks and presentations, giving Sixth Formers an insight into their chosen professions, business areas and industries.

The event, dubbed ‘Women Mean Business’, was designed to enable Sixth Formers to broaden their career horizons by learning about areas with which they might be unfamiliar and which they may not have considered for themselves. Each girl attended two presentations from a wide and exciting range of options, including veterinary science, family law, bioengineering, overseas development, business entrepreneurship, naval architecture - among many others.

One speaker, for example, told us about her work as a critical care paramedic. Another described her life as a professional writer. Yet another – Jenny Brennan, who left the Royal High only a few years ago - spoke eloquently about being a software engineer for Twitter.

With such a copious range available to choose from and only two to attend, the choice of which presentation to attend was for me fairly difficult. As I have an interest in medicine, I chose Professor Sarah Purdy. I found her presentation very inspiring and I learned about the range of jobs you can do once obtaining a medical degree. I then attended a presentation given by the paramedics Charli Watkins and Steph Moreland. I gained insight into what the job of a paramedic entails as well as all of the specialist equipment and sub-specialities they have available to them.

Women Mean Business is a wonderful opportunity to look ‘outside of the box’ and consider the plethora of opportunities that women have available to them. I have definitely expanded my knowledge on the latter. We are all very grateful and would like to thank the all the staff involved, especially Mrs Harvie, Mrs Scott, and Mrs Robertson for organising the event. Additionally, we would like to thank the speakers for coming in and delivering such useful and eye-opening presentations.

Diana, Year 12


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