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Year 10 Camp

17 六月 2017

Last weekend a group of intrepid Year 10 girls struck out to Charterhouse, in the midst of the windy countryside, for Year 10 camp. The weekend gave them the opportunity to pitch tents, cook dinner on a trangia, learn some first aid and navigation skills.

After training on Saturday morning, the afternoon was spent in four groups on short walks with a member of staff. No one got lost, although there were some near misses, and the orange group certainly got sick of me saying “map check!”.

After choosing the foods that they wanted for dinner and producing a gourmet menu, each group cooked and presented their meals for judging and then got to eat them before tucking into Golden Syrup cake and custard. Saturday evening was spent planning a route for the next day and playing games around the tents.


Sunday morning dawned windy but dry. After striking camp and having an excellent breakfast of bacon cooked by Mrs Broadhurst, each group set out on their own to walk from the campsite to the minibus, around 9 kilometres away.

I was really impressed by the quality of the girls’ navigation and only one group were temporarily disorientated, which was easily corrected by the instruction to “walk East”.

Mr Hardcastle's superb navigation training ensured that all the teams were able to find their way successfully across the Beacon!

The minibus home was full of tired but happy girls. I would like to thank Mrs Broadhurst, Mr Parr and everyone else that helped out on what turned out to be a brilliant Year 10 camp and, of course, the excellent Year 10 girls who made the weekend so successful.

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