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Year 3 and Year 9 Join Forces to Battle Boudica in Latin

11 十一月 2019

On Tuesday morning Year 3 joined Year 9 in the Hudson Centre to find out more about Boudica and learn a little Latin. After a brief introduction to the story and some thoughts on why there is a famous statue of Boudica on the banks of the River Thames in sight of the Houses of Parliament, the students gathered into their four groups, named after four Celtic tribes: Atrebates, Brigantes, Cantici and Durotriges. Having sorted through a timeline of events, each group worked together to stage a scene from the story. After twenty minutes, each group delivered their piece to the whole audience with considerable drama and emotion. 

We were delighted to see accurate Roman formations and the correct stabbing motion from these soldiers as they cut through the great swathes of hacking and slashing Celts. It was also wonderful to hear some accurate Latin, such as ‘ego sum Boudica’ (I am Boudica) nolite desperare (don’t despair!) and the heart-breaking ‘o me miseram!’ (oh, wretched me!) from Boudica just before she drank her poison to avoid capture by the Roman army. The Year 3s were full of enthusiasm and took many leading roles in the sketches, whilst the Year 9s led the way, having great fun helping direct the action and teaching some key Latin phrases. 

 The session ended with the rousing Boudica song from Horrible Histories. The RHS Learning Habits were very much in action in this activity which bridged the Senior and Prep Schools and no doubt the students will remember each other in four years’ time when Year 3 are in Year 7 and Year 9 are in Year 13!

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