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Year 3 Battle Boudica in Latin with Year 9

31 十月 2018

On Wednesday 10th October, Year 3 visited the Senior School to investigate the story of Boudica and to learn some Latin along the way. The Year 3 and Year 9 girls were mixed up into four Celtic tribes, the Atrebates, Brigantes, Cantici and Durotriges and each team raced to complete a sorting exercise to reveal the outline of the story. They then worked together to re-enact a different scene of the story, using a script as a guide but embellishing their part of the story with more action, dialogue and some Latin phrases. We saw poor Boudica and her daughters treated badly by the Romans to shouts of “eheu!” (oh no!) and despite her raising a fearsome army of Celts, being defeated in a final battle by the Romans to cries of “euge!” (hooray!) Every group communicated well as a team to incorporate both Latin and drama in such creative and entertaining pieces which they completed in a very limited time. In a week celebrating ‘Courageous Women’ Boudica certainly stands out as an impressive leader of the Celts, but today we saw our courageous students throwing themselves into this activity with considerable enthusiasm.

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