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Year 3 Build Bridges (1)

06 十二月 2019

On Tuesday, our excited Year 3 class visited the Senior School. We spent time in the amazing DT (Design Technology) department where we learned how to build bridges. We did this because we are learning about the Romans and how good at engineering they were. We worked with Sarah, Mrs Gill and some older students.

Firstly, we got into groups and were asked to solve a problem. This was to fold a piece of card which would then hold two blocks and was strong enough to hold a 1-kilogram weight. It was tricky but we figured out a shape that worked. After that, we got lots of lollypop sticks and connectors. We followed a plan, used lots of glue and started bridge building. The first bridge was a truss bridge which was quite simple as the plan was easy to follow and you could lay it out. The next one was much harder because there were more parts and the plan was complicated. We think our team worked pretty well together and showed good teamwork skills like talking to each other and sharing jobs fairly.

After we had all made the bridges, we started the testing stage on Sarah’s bridges to see how strong they were. First, we tested the truss bridge, then secondly we tested the arch bridge. They both held a huge amount of weight. However, the arch bridge had a small fracture in it and it was a bit bent.

The best part about the trip was making the two bridges. We learned a lot about how to build bridges and that a triangle is a really strong shape. We also really liked having a cookie and lunch in the big dining hall. Thank you to all the teachers and Senior School student who helped us. Thank you also for the key rings. We had a brilliant time!

By Jemima, Faye, and Eliza

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