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Year 3 Build Bridges

04 十二月 2018

Year 3 went to the Senior School on Friday 16th November to build bridges.  We were split up in four groups.  Our teacher was called Mrs Strazzanti and the helpers were the 6th formers.

Firstly, we made the truss bridge.  We started to lay the lolly pop sticks and the joiners.  Then we glued the pieces all together to make a truss bridge and it's the same with the arch bridge.  The arch bridge was my favourite bridge because it had more lolly pop sticks.

Mrs Strazzanti put two stools, a truss bridge and a sling on the table.  The truss bridge was Sarah's bridge.  There were six 1 kilogram weights and two vices which were just 5 kilograms.  Another 5 kilogram weight was added and with these 21 kilograms the bridge smashed.

I liked having lunch at the Senior School because I got to see my mum.

The Year 3 trip to the Senior School to make bridges was amazing.  I loved working in a team.

by Cecily Custodio

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