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Year 3 go back to the Stone Age!

11 十月 2018

Year 3 have been thoroughly enjoying learning about the Stone Age. To support their learning we invited two cavemen to visit us from Cheddar Gorge. They claimed their names were “Oo” and “Ar” and they came dressed in authentic caveman clothes of leather and furs and brought a large selection of artefacts with them, from flint hand axes and spears to needles and sinew. The girls really enjoyed handling these although some felt the sinew was ‘too gross to touch’.

After a general introduction to caveman life, including learning that a bladder made a good water bottle and a stomach an excellent lunch box (the girls were glad that plastic has been invented!) we went outside to watch Oo demonstrate flint knapping, which looked extremely difficult and dangerous! We were really impressed that he was able to make a hand axe. The girls had a chance to do their own knapping, but with soap not flint. They were incredibly resilient with this activity as it was quite hard and took a lot of patience to whittle the soap down to an arrow shape. The morning ended with a demonstration of how to make fire. They used two methods, a fire bow using friction to create heat, and a flint and King Alfred Cake (a type of fungus) to create an ember. Oo found the bow took too much effort to generate more than smoke, while Ar was successful after carefully nurturing his ember to set his hay on fire.

After lunch we continued our outside activities with foraging through the school grounds. We found lots of plants and trees which Oo and Ar said could be used for a variety of purposes such as food, medicine and tools and you could make nearly all of them into tea! We finished up the day sketching some of the artefacts and reflecting on what we had learned throughout our amazing day.


‘When Oo did the flint knapping we all watched him do it. It was really exciting!’ Viola Jauss

‘Do you want to know what tools they used to make? They made axes, knives, forks, spears, arrows and bows.’ Amalie Johnston

‘Lots of plants are used for medicine or tea.’ Saskia Hocking-Robinson

‘I like fire-making because when they did it I thought it was exciting, I’ve never seen people do it that way. I also like it when we got to blow on the fungus.’ Ella Parry

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