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Year 3 Visit Roman Baths

10 十月 2017

On Wednesday Year 3 visited the Roman Baths. We met a woman called Scarlet and she told us a lot about the Roman Baths.

We dressed up as Romans. Some of us were men and some chose to be women. Men wore togas with a belt and a tunic. Women wore tunics and a stollas, which is a headscarf. They wore sandals on their feet, which were made of leather. We also made Roman mosaics. They were mostly symmetrical patterns and the colours were plain. This was so they would not offend their Goddess, Sulis Minerva.

After the workshop, we were given a worksheet on a clip board. We went outside to the main pool to count how many pillars there are and we had to write many answers in Roman numerals. Then we explored the inside of the Roman Baths. One of the first things we saw was the front of an old temple, which had a stone face on it. It was similar to the Green man and looked a bit like the sun. There was an image of an owl and helmet, which were Sulis Minerva’s symbols. The Romans thought that she gave them the spring.

We met a Roman lady and her slave. She let us smell her Roman perfume made of lavender, rose petals and myrrh. It was dark inside but they used lamps that burned olive oil in Roman times to give them light. The hypocaust was amazing as it heated up the floors of the rooms in the baths. The hot room was called the caldarium. The tepidarium was the warm room and the frigidarium was the cold bath. Romans used a tool called a strigil to scrape off the sweat from their body. Some people used to collect the sweat of important people to sell at the market! They thought that if they spread it on their faces they would become important themselves!

At the end of the trip, we drank some of the spring water. Most of us thought it was revolting! It was a very interesting trip. Year 3

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