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Year 3 Visit the Fashion Museum

23 十一月 2017

On Wednesday last week Year 3 visited the Fashion Museum. It is in the Assembly Rooms, which is in the centre of Bath. Firstly, we had a tour of the Assembly Rooms.

We saw the Tea Room, the Ball Room and the Octagon Room. In the Tea Room there were three gigantic, beautiful chandeliers. They were made of glass and made shimmery, sparkly rainbow lights on the wall. The chandeliers were made in London and during the war they buried them underground in Wales.

It was lucky they did this as during the war The Assembly Rooms were bombed and they set fire. The flames made some of the stone go a pink colour, which is still like it today. We noticed there were many fireplaces; they are not used today but the heating is behind the walls!

In the Fashion Museum, we sketched our favourite outfits. Lots of us particularly liked the one that Elizabeth Taylor wore. It was made of man-made silk and beads. It was really sparkly and glistening in the light. Afterwards we designed our own dresses using paper and beads.

Some of us chose stripes, spots, flowers, wavy lines or spirals. The final designs looked amazing. Then we were split into two groups. One group sketched accessories and the other dressed up in replicas of Georgian clothes. We then swapped round. It was fun. The accessories we drew were fans, costume jewellery and shoes.

At the end we collected our belongings and had a quick look at the Sedan chairs on our way out. We all had an incredible time and enjoyed learning about fashion.

Thank you to Mrs Berkovitch for coming to help us.

Written by all of Year 3

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