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Year 4 Feast Like Tudors

06 三月 2017

On Wednesday Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful Tudor Day. In the morning we baked Tudor rose biscuits and Tudor knot bread which was great fun. Next, we got changed into our Tudor outfits which was so exciting. Mrs Millard, Mrs Robson and Mrs Stockley dressed up too!

There was a special guest arriving for lunch - King Henry VIII. As he walked up the stairs we played our Tudor fanfares on the recorder and sang along. We have been composing the fanfares in our music lessons. Then it was time for our delicious lunch. We sat on a long table with Henry at the head and the food was delicious. Thank you to Alan and his team at Holyroyd Howe for making it for us. 

Mrs Stockley had made an amazing peacock as a centrepiece for the table to make it look really authentic. After lunch, we had a photo shoot on the Cranwell House stairs in our Tudor outfits. We felt very special! After that, we iced our Tudor biscuits and baked our bread in the oven. What a brilliant day! Thank you King Henry VIII (aka Mr Woods) for joining us for our banquet.

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