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Year 4 Take Their Show on the Road!

29 十一月 2017

The girls in Year 4 visited the Weston lunch club on Tuesday. Elderly people in Weston have the opportunity to get together for lunch on a weekly basis and then once a month have some entertainment provided. On Tuesday this week, Year 4 were their entertainment! They sang and read extracts from ‘Year 4 Entertains’.

It was particularly rewarding for the girls to realise that this particular audience recognised all the old favourites from the 60s – and understood all the jokes that Mrs Millard had written! They also knew almost as many of the words to the songs as the girls! Mrs Millard brought along the 1960s quiz for them; they had great fun trying to answer all the questions and when we left, they completed the quiz over lunch!

When the girls talked about Elvis Presley and screamed like Elvis’ fans used to do, the audience was at first a bit taken aback – and then laughed a lot! The lady running the lunch club got up at the end to thank us and told us that she definitely remembered the mini-skirts of the 1960s; she got married in the 1960s and had worn a very short wedding dress! Everyone was so grateful to the girls for coming and they thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment.

The visit to Weston lunch club was a valuable heart-warming experience for the girls, reminding us all of the important part our school plays in the local community.

Mrs Stockley

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