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Year 4 visit Bristol Hippodrome

10 十月 2018

On Wednesday 19th September Year 4 went on an amazing trip to Bristol Hippodrome to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. First we were lucky enough to have our own private tour of the theatre. We saw lots of different places in the theatre, like the basement, where there was a quick change area (for when the cast don’t have time to go back to their dressing rooms during the show) and the orchestra pit. When we went onto the stage we got a sneaky preview of the set and we even saw Chitty!

Then we climbed 54 stairs to the top of the theatre where the fly floor is. It was quite scary being so high but we could see all the backdrops and scenery. We were overjoyed to meet and ask questions of some of the cast of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - the toy maker, Grandpa, and the Baron and the spies, Boris and Goran. After a lovely picnic on Brandon Hill we settled down in our seats to watch the show. It was phenomenal!

The cast were amazing and we thought the children were very good at remembering all their lines. The costumes were bright and sparkly and we enjoyed spotting the characters we met before lunch. It was a lovely surprise to see Bea (now in Year 7) in the show. Our day out at the theatre was fantasmagorical!!

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