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Year 4 Visit Longleat 2018

28 六月 2018

On Tuesday Year 4 were lucky to go on an incredible trip to Longleat.

First, we had an interesting talk about animals from Africa. During this talk, we found out lots about the pancake tortoise, the royal python, giant African millipedes and hissing cockroaches. We got a chance to look closely at each animal and give them a stroke. The hissing cockroaches have little holes in their back which allow them to hiss like a snake to scare off predators. The snake felt very smooth to touch.

Next, we split up into two groups to go around the Animal Discovery. We enjoyed going on a boat ride to see the hippos and gorillas. You could feed the sea lions and they made a really loud noise. We also enjoyed seeing thornback rays, penguins, marmosets, meerkats, anteater, Egyptian fruit bats and aardvarks. The brave members of the class had the chance to hold a tarantula and a royal python. We loved seeing giant animals all around the park.

After lunch, we went to the African Village and were excited to see the giraffes and zebra close up. When we went through the safari we saw lots of different types of animals like lions, tigers, cheetahs, ostriches, wildebeests, flamingos, white rhinos and wolves. We found out that an ostrich can walk three metres in one stride.

We had a fun trip and learnt new facts about African animals.

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