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Year 5 Cookery Adventures

20 六月 2018

On Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th June Year 5 were set the challenge to cook a two-course lunch (either a starter and a main course or a main course and dessert) as part of our ‘Talking Point’ Communication Theme. In Computing Year 5 have been blogging about their Food Technology work (with Mrs Drew) on Firefly. Each girl has a blogging page where they have been explaining their recipes and chatting with other girls about their cookery ideas.

Prepared and excited we all headed into the Discovery room on either Monday or Tuesday morning at 10.30 a.m. to prepare and cook our own lunch. Most of 5G decided to cook a main course and a dessert (unsurprisingly) with such dishes as chicken fajitas, spaghetti bolognese, salmon en croute, chicken katsu curry, chocolate brownies, apple crumble and lemon drizzle cake. Each girl worked really hard to cook her meal, considering timings and order of preparation. It was amazing to watch confident cooks baking, frying, chopping and presenting their dishes completely independently.

Back in the Autumn Term Year 5 made pies, linked to our Victorian Theme, so this challenge was a real step-up in terms of skills and challenge. Girls not only planned their own dishes, many of them also practised them at home, refining and altering their recipes to ensure success on the day.

After enjoying our meals for lunch, we then set about evaluating the experience, considering our successes and our areas to improve for next time. We also completed a Food Technology ‘spider diagram’ marking ourselves on organisation, flavour and confidence in the kitchen. One aspect of food technology we all need to improve is organisation, as many of the girls left all their washing up till the end! This could have been improved with including time in each of our plans for washing up and wiping down workspaces within our 2-hour time allowance.

Well done Year 5 - a fabulous morning of Design Technology. You should be incredibly proud of your achievements. Being able to cook for yourself is an invaluable life-skill.
Miss Gurney & Mr Rushworth

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