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Year 6 Investigate Forensics

13 二月 2018

Fitting in well with our careers week, Year Six had the chance to explore forensic science during their visit to We The Curious. Being quick learners, they soon worked out how to analyse fingerprints, examine inks (using chromatography) and how to match DNA profiles. This was lucky as before the morning was over their skills were called upon to solve a crime!

By comparing animal hairs through microscopes, examining fingerprints and measuring footprints they soon had almost all the evidence they needed to find the culprit. However, without a DNA match there was no conclusive proof. In no time at all the girls learnt how to analyse DNA using a light box and the criminal was found. The day ended with the girls presenting their evidence and closing the case. It was an amazing day out, allowing the girls to work safely in a lab environment using materials and equipment often only made available to much older students. As expected our girls rose to the challenges of the day and, who knows, some may ultimately end up as crime-solving forensic scientists in the future. Mrs Drew and Mrs Sharples

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