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Year 6 Step Back in Time

16 十月 2017

Last week Year 6 stepped back in time and visited STEAM to discover more about World War Two Swindon. Dressed as evacuees, all the girls (and their teachers) embraced life during the war and were fully equipped for the day with gas masks and lunch – which of course was wrapped in brown paper. Experiencing an air raid shelter, World War Two games, family life and a train ride as an evacuee the girls learnt lots about the highs and lows of everyday life during World War Two. Meeting Fred, a small boy living in Swindon during the war, the girls were able to hear first-hand accounts of a wartime childhood. According to Fred, it wasn’t all doom and gloom and every family made the most of what they had, building a community spirit. Fred did struggle with rationing though and complained he was often hungry!

Not all girls were lucky enough to be chosen by a host family but all was not all lost. The lady of the manor (aka Mrs Sharples) had plenty of rooms free in her huge home and she was able to squeeze in all the children left behind. The girls were all looking forward to their huge sleepover, although we are not sure the lady of the manor was very impressed.

The girls embraced every aspect of the trip and came back full of ideas for their Theme work on evacuation and family life during the war.

Mrs Drew and Mrs Sharples

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