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Year 8 PGL Adventure

09 十月 2017

The highly anticipated residential experience that all students undertake in Year 8 is the PGL Camp. This trip has been an integral part of the Year 8 experience and a key aspect of the personal and social development of the girls, and this year was no exception!!!

The weather did not look great on Friday morning and I did start to think we may be in for a very wet weekend, but it did improve and spirits were high as we set off from Bath to Liddington full of excitement and anticipation of a good, fun-filled weekend away. On arrival, the groups were set and the girls went straight into activities, throwing themselves off the Zip Wire and exploring the sensory trail. It was a good start to the weekend.

The weather was good to us on Saturday, and the girls got the most out of their activities. Some more than others as they capsized their canoes falling into the ice-cold lake! The girls continued to laugh however and have fun, which is what this trip is all about.  A well-deserved dinner and hot shower at the end of the session got them ready for another evening of entertainment, this time in the form of ‘Splash’ and a quiz!

The girls took part in a mixture of outdoor education and team activities. These included climbing, abseiling, Jacobs Ladder, archery, team building and the giant swing amongst others. There was also a packed programme of evening activities that the girls partook in. I firmly believe that this trip every year does much for the girls by way of improving the social cohesion of the students in the year group and developing a range of skills, confidence and their self-esteem.

Feedback from the students often indicates that this is the most memorable and one of the most enjoyable experiences they have in Senior School. Every year their resilience, their support of each other, their willingness to give things a go and their good humour makes me extremely proud of them and very proud to call myself their Head of Key Stage!

I would like to give special thanks to the staff who attended the trip, Mrs Bolan, Mrs Strazanti and Miss Bothwell and to our Sixth Form helpers Daisy Ison and Tabby Goodliffe. Without staff giving up their time and contributing so much to these opportunities, trips like this would not be able to run.

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