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Year 8 Trip to PGL Liddington

26 十月 2018

On Friday 28th September I went to PGL near Swindon with the rest of year 8. When we got there we did all sorts of fun activities: giant swing, zip wire, sensory trail, Jacob’s ladder etc. My favourite activities have to be the giant swing and zip wire because they were the most fun, exciting and thrilling. In addition I was very proud of myself after completing them because I am scared of heights and so it was difficult for me to go on them. One lesson I learnt from going to PGL which I think is very important is to give your best on all of the activities, even if you are scared because you will never get a chance to do all of these exciting activities again in your life. Also, once you have tried the activities you will never regret your decision because you will feel accomplishment and success.
Sanchita, 8D

I enjoyed PGL because it really stimulated our brains, and progressed our friendships. It also made us more productive on Sunday mornings! We arrived on Friday afternoon, and we immediately started with our lunch. We then had our first activity, which was archery. We enjoyed archery because of the games we played and we were excited about our next activity, which was THE 3G SWING! We then were able to relax in our dormitories, which was also really exciting. After that we had dinner and then we played AMBUSH. This was my favourite evening activity.
Pelagia, 8W

On the 28th of September, Year 8 went to PGL, Liddington, ready to have the best adventure of their lives. The bus journeys were entertaining and fun, but we just could wait any longer to get to PGL. Once we got to Liddington, everyone was really excited and couldn’t wait to find out who was in their dorm. The next two days consisted of a sensory trail, zip line, Jacob’s ladder, rock climbing, challenge course and much more. We all definitely enjoyed ambush in the dark, many of us got super dirty from lying on the floor to stay low and not give out our position. Overall we enjoyed PGL and we all wish that we could go back and enjoy all of the amazing activities all over again! 

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