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Year 9 Hockey and Netball Tour to Newcastle

12 十月 2017

I know that for most people from the Bath area, North is somewhere that they talk about on Game of Thrones and somewhere that only recently has the internet. Such is my want to show how fantastic it is, Mrs McArthur, Miss Shaw and I thought we’d take 26 Year 9 Girls up to Newcastle on tour. The first hurdle was assuring the girls that they did not need passports (I kid you not) and then – an even better question followed – ‘do we need euros?!’ – What had we let ourselves in for?

We travelled by aeroplane up to Newcastle, arriving late on Thursday evening. One of the most powerful things about touring is the team atmosphere and camaraderie that can develop. We literally picked names out of a hat and the girls were assigned to rooms with the instructions to ‘get to know your teammates better’ – it was a huge success and new bonds were formed!!

Friday saw us set off to Newcastle High School for Girls. We were lucky enough to use Newcastle’s facilities for both a Hockey and Netball Training session – honing our skills and working on our set plays. It was a sunny day and we enjoyed every minute of it!

On to our Netball fixtures v. Newcastle High. Whilst they proved too strong for us, it was excellent to see all of the work that the girls put in, paying off on the court and it will stand them in good stead for our upcoming season. Lottie Frank, Pammy Wallace and Hannah Ford were the RHS Man of the Matches, each making sterling defensive contributions.

Dinner and a good night’s sleep followed, all ready for our early start and our Hockey fixtures. Again Newcastle proved too strong for us, however, they have been playing 11-a-side for a whole year, and this was only our second fixture – so we will take those lessons into our remaining games. Ava Karanjavala was the A team Man of the Match and Alisha Kayani was awarded man of the match for the B team.

Saturday evening and Sunday were all about the fun. Saturday evening was a Team Bowling trip, where the girls got to compete against each other. Kitty Campbell Howard was the bowling whizz, scoring the most points out of anyone on the trip. A great evening of fun.

On Sunday we headed to the beach to play some rounder’s, eat some chips and enjoy the fresh air! We even went as far as having a sandcastle competition!

A final ice cream and journey on the metro brought the Tour to a close, memories made and stories to tell. We will get our revenge when Newcastle visit for the Year 9 Hockey Tournament!!

Miss Penny


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