Our Aims


The vision of the GDST is to be the leader in the field of girls’ education in the UK. The RHS shares this vision.


The Royal High School Bath, Prep and Senior school aims to:

  1. Lead in girls’ education and be recognised as providing an outstanding day and boarding education, specifically tailored to the needs of girls in the 21st century;
  1. Sustain a high performance culture where each member of staff is committed to working towards the vision for the school and is accountable for their contribution;
  1. Embed social responsibility through strong links with the community and offer a range of opportunities for girls to engage in service and leadership;
  1. Drive innovation by encouraging and engaging in modern, innovative thinking and the implementation of new ideas inside and outside the classroom;
  1. Be an exceptional school community which values staff and treats girls as individuals, enabling them to flourish in every area (academic, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and cultural);
  1. Encourage every girl to be a force for positive change as they take their place in the global environment.


For the Prep School these aims have been translated into the 5 R’s or ‘The Learning to Learn Agenda’. For Early Years and Key Stage 1 this involves:

  • Get yourself ready
  • Know where things belong
  • Ask questions
  • How am I doing?
  • Try new things
  • Keep trying
  • Think about each other

As the girls move to Key Stage 2 these become known as: Risk-taking, Resilience, Reflective, Relationships and Resourceful. This underpins our aims in a relevant and meaningful way at all stages.


In the Senior School our teachers and students work together to become prepared for university and the world beyond school. In all our activities we aim to provide opportunities to develop our Royal High School Learner Habits. By engaging with the '6C's' we aim to give our students the tools they need to be balanced, fulfilled and successful life-long learners.




The approach in the Senior School is informed by the IB Learner Profile which states that an IB learner strives to be:

  1. an inquirer (curious, developing skills for inquiry and research)
  2. knowledgeable (exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines)
  3. a thinker (using creative and critical thinking skills to analyse complex problems)
  4. a communicator (expressing herself confidently in more than one language)
  5. principled (acting with integrity and honesty, having a strong sense of fairness and justice)
  6. open-minded (appreciative of her own values-tradition and of those of others)
  7. caring (showing empathy, compassion and respect)
  8. a risk-taker (approaching uncertainty with forethought and determination)
  9. balanced (achieving well-being by balancing our lives intellectually, physically & emotionally)
  10. reflective (thoughtfully considering the world and her own ideas and experience)