Scholarships and Bursaries


We offer a number of different types of financial assistance to girls of exceptional ability and promise:


If your daughter would benefit from a GDST (Girls’ Day School Trust) education, but your family is not in a position to cover the full fees, you may be eligible for a Bursary. More information about bursaries can be found here.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships are made, irrespective of parents’ financial situation at the entry points of Year 7 (11+) and Year 9 (13+) (external only) and at entry/transfer into the Sixth Form in Year 12. These are awarded for all-round academic excellence .A full explanation of our academic scholarships can be found here.(LINK TO AC SCHOLARSHIPS PDF)

Specialist Scholarships

We also offer a wide range of scholarships for girls who excel in the areas below. Decisions are made on the basis of an audition/practical or on the presentation of a portfolio of work.


Scholarship/bursary transfers from other GDST Schools
We warmly welcome girls from other GDST schools so students can continue their education within the GDST family. We will do our best to ensure all your individual requirements are met.

For further information regarding any financial matters, do please get in touch with our Registrar, Lynda Bevan and she will be very happy to help.