Great Past. Greater Future.

The Royal High School was established in 1998, through the coming together of two independent girls’ schools, both of which had an illustrious history of providing pioneering, first-class education to girls in Bath.

Aerial Shot 1967 The Royal School
The founding of the Royal School for the Daughters of Officers of the Army was in large part due to Mr Alfred Douglas Hamilton, a renowned philanthropist. During the Crimean War Mr Hamilton established the ‘Officers’ Widows and Orphans Fund’ and the idea for the Royal School grew from here. Her Majesty, Queen Victoria provided a donation to help establish the school and became one of the original patrons of the Royal School. Other patrons included four other members of the Royal Family and the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Vice-Patrons included the Duke of Cambridge, four Duchesses, a Bishop and the Viceroy of India. The first Lady Superintendent, Miss Emmeline Maria Kingdon, was appointed in the Autumn of 1864. On 24th August 1865, the door opened to the first cohort of Royal School girls, who would live and receive their education at the same beautiful site we are housed today. 

Bath High School
Bath High School was founded with the aim of providing top quality, affordable education to girls of all social classes. It was one of the first schools to be established by the Girls' Day School Trust outside of London. The creation of the school was supported by over 90 local individuals and firms who held a strong belief in promoting girls’ education. The permanent committee that drove forward the establishment of the school was chaired by Sir Jerom Murch, a renowned local social and political figure in the city. The first headmistress of Bath High School was Miss Susan Wood, who welcomed the first students to the school on 21st September 1875, at its original premises at Portland Place in Lansdown. Over the next fifty years, the profile and size of the school grew to the extent that a new site was required, and in 1926 moved to Hope House, which became the new, much-loved home of Bath High.

Our School Today
In 1998, our founding schools joined together to become the Royal High School, reinforcing the outstanding sense of community, warmth, and commitment to girls’ only education that was held by both schools for over a century.

We are hugely proud of our heritage, which provided a solid foundation upon which to build an incredible future for our vibrant school. We are an amazing school with a history full of successes, challenges and achievements, and every student, teacher, parent, patron and supporter has played a key role in shaping who we are today.