Having a real sense of belonging to your new school is important. Our students are proud to be part of Royal High School and wearing our uniform is a symbol of that pride. ”

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Please take note of the following rules regarding uniform:

  • School uniform, including the fitted jackets, must be worn by all students from Y7-11 at school and to and from school, unless otherwise instructed (eg. Non-uniform days, etc).
  • The only coats that are permitted are the navy blue, branded PE waterproof coat, or a plain navy coat (unbranded).
  • Shoes should be black or navy lace-up or strap with non-slip soles. Heels should be no more than 20mm. Ankle boots, shoes that look like trainers, ballerina pump or slip on shoes should not be worn.
  • Long hair must be neatly tied back at all times, with either blue or black hair ties.
  • No jewellery is permitted, except one plain stud in each ear, or a religious symbol on a necklace that must be worn discreetly under the school blouse.
  • Visible make-up and nail varnish should not be worn.
  • Hair should not be obviously dyed with extreme colours.
  • Only school badges should be worn with the uniform.
  • All uniform, including all footwear, should be clearly named.
  • Only navy blue socks (ankle or knee length) or navy tights should be worn with uniform.
  • Girls can provide their own school bags, but these should be large enough for their device or an A4 folder.
  • Sixth Form dress should conform to the agreed dress code.
  • Sports kit, including ‘hoodies’, ought only to be worn for sport and not as an alternative to, or as an addition to, the school jumper.
  • When wearing school PE kit in and around the school grounds or to fixtures, students must wear school tracksuit bottoms.

Below are the uniform lists for our Nursery, Prep School and Senior School. These lists outline the uniform required and state whether items are optional or compulsory.


Nursery uniform

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Infants uniform - Reception-Year 2

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Juniors uniform - Years 3-6

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Senior uniform - Years 7-11

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Sixth Form uniform - Year 12-13

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