Who will be supporting my daughter?

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Royal High School Bath has an extensive network of staff who will support your daughter through her school journey. Each girl has the following members of staff looking out for them:

  • Deputy Head Pastoral: Elizabeth Cunningham
  • Heads of Year: Year 7 – Mandy Ladbury-Webb; Years 8 & 9 – Andy Leather; Years 10 & 11 – Ms Rebecca Hollingsworth
  • Senior Teacher and Head of RSE: Hannah Morton
  • Form tutors
  • Wellbeing Angels

In addition, our Boarders are supported by their House Mistress, Matron and Boarding Assistants who act as family for students during the term time. Always ready with a listening ear and willing to help with every problem from home sickness to navigating friendships.

We also have two counsellors and a nursing team. All staff operate an open door policy and girls know they can raise any concerns or issues with any member of staff.

Our active prefect body, led by our Head Girl, provides an opportunity for those girls who would prefer to talk to one of their peers.

Weekly briefings give staff an opportunity to share information about any girls who may have extra needs at that time so everyone is able to provide appropriate support. We also keep in close contact with parents to ensure we are well aware of anything going on at home they may need support with. We treat every girl as an individual with individual needs. Confidentiality is a priority and is closely observed across the School.

Pastoral care isn't something that happens when things go wrong; it's a constant support network for your daughter's time in Royal High School Bath.”

During her time at Royal High School Bath, your daughter will make the challenging transition from childhood to adulthood. We understand that entrusting her care and education to us during this period is not done lightly.

As a small school, we are able to offer extraordinary advantages in resources and choices including our Tutor groups and House system. These create interlocking layers of pastoral care which enable every girl, the reserved as well as the extrovert, to find opportunities to lead a confident, fulfilled and enjoyable life at Royal High School Bath.

Pastoral care is the responsibility of the Deputy Head, Pastoral but on a day-to-day basis the Housemistress and Tutor are a pupil's and parent's first port of call. They are there to guide, advise and assist your daughter as she navigates the particular pressures on girls today, especially those which may have been rare in our own childhoods. This network is backed up by an experienced and well-resourced Medical Centre based in Royal High School Bath and an informed and skilled Catering Team.