Medical Care

As a bustling boarding school, Royal High School has a well-furnished Medical Centre, staffed by three experienced School Nurses. There is a surgery for Boarders every day before and after school, as well as a Doctor’s surgery on a Thursday. The Medical Centre is also open for day girls at break and lunch times, to administer medication and tend to unwell students. Between them, our nurses hold a wealth of medical experience in both Accident and Emergency and Paediatric specialisms.

From time to time, when things get tough, students may need a little more pastoral support from a trained counsellor. There a are two School Counsellors at Royal High School Bath, who offer students six free sessions of counselling to help them through challenging situations. We are also delighted to employ a Health Psychologist, Claire Koenig, who looks after students with chronic health conditions, so that they may access the curriculum equitably.

Developing resilience is key, especially in our post-pandemic world, and the pastoral team strives to support students with periodic ‘collapsed timetable’ days to explore themes such as the dangers of vaping and substance abuse, issues of consent and sexual harassment and online safety, amongst others.

Students are educated in the importance of nutrition and health, and lunchtimes are filled with a superb range of healthy food, courtesy of our catering company, Holroyd Howe, as well as a range of clubs and activities to nurture the body and mind.

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