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Breakfast club 7.30am-8am£4
Morning session 8am-12pm£28
Morning & lunch 8am-12.30pm£35
Lunch session 12pm-12.30pm£7
Afternoon session 12.30pm-4pm£25
Afternoon & lunch 12pm-4pm£32
All day including lunch 8am-4pm£55
After School care / Wrap around care charges
Until 4.30pm£5
Until 5.30pm£9
Until 6pm£12

Eligible girls aged three years will receive free care for 15 hours a week through the Early Years Grant. Please contact us to develop a bespoke nursery package that suits you and your daughter’s needs.

Day Fees

Prep (Year Rec-2)£3,432 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Prep (Years 3-6)£3,616 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Seniors (Years 7-9)£4,661 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Seniors (Years 10-11)£4,751 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Sixth Form (Years 12-13)£4,865 per term lunch optional

Full Boarding Fees

Year 6£8,906 per term x3 = £26,718 per year
Senior (Year 7-9)£10,238 per term x3 = £30,714 per year
Senior (Year 10-11)£10,387 per term x3 = £31,161 per year
Sixth Form (Year 12-13)£10,762 per term x3 = £32,286 per year

Full Boarding Fees includes tuition and accommodation (with 0.5% discount if full year paid in advance).
Daughters of Service families of Her Majesty’s Forces receive 10% off full boarding fees.

Weekly Boarding Fees

Year 6£7,961 per term x3 = £23,883 per year
Senior (Year 7-9)£9,155 per term x3 = £27,465 per year
Senior (Year 10-11)£9,285 per term x3 = £27,855 per year
Sixth Form (Year 12-13)£9,674 per term x3 = £29,022 per year

Payment of fees

All fees must be paid via the Bank direct debit system. As is the practice of all independent schools, the fees are due and payable termly in advance before the first day of the term concerned. However, the Trust operates a scheme whereby the fees may be paid by monthly instalments and an application form can be obtained by writing to the Secretary of the Trust. The Trust’s regulations relating to fees and notice are set out in the agreement between parents and the Trust, and on the fee account.

Termly or monthly payment

All fees should be paid by direct debit termly on or before the first day of each term. Should you wish to pay monthly by direct debit, there will be a service charge of £24 per term. Fees are calculated on an annual basis. No reduction is applicable during terms when there is less teaching because of public examinations.

Sibling discount

For a family with three or more daughters, the GDST is pleased to offer a 20% sibling discount on the third and subsequent sisters. This continues throughout the school career, even after the two older sisters have left.

Registration fees and deposits

Please note that the Royal High School operates on a three term academic year. To register there is a non-refundable registration fee of £100. On accepting a place, a deposit of £500 (for day), £750 (for UK boarders) and £1,000 (for overseas boarders) is required.

Included in fees

Textbooks and stationery
Public examination fees
ICT support and access to WiFi
Most extra-curricular activities

Optional extras may include

Prep School day trips and residential stays
Extra Music and Drama tuition
Extra-curricular activities e.g. fencing, tennis coaching
Overnight stays or occasional boarding for day girls
Supper & extended options for Senior day girls
After school care for Prep day girls


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