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Nursery (fees subject to change for 2023/24)

Morning session 8am-12pm£29.00
Morning & lunch 8am-12.30pm£38.00
Lunch session 12pm-12.30pm£7.50
Afternoon session 12.30pm-4pm£27.00
Afternoon & lunch 12pm-4pm£35.00
All day including lunch 8am-4pm£60.00

Eligible girls aged three years will receive free care for 15 hours a week through the Early Years Grant.

Please contact us to develop a bespoke nursery package that suits you and your daughter’s needs.

Nursery and Prep Before and After School Care

Prebooked Breakfast Club 07:30-08:00£4.50
Prebooked After School Care 16:05 to 17:00£8.50
Prebooked After School Care 16:05 to 18:00£12.50
Not booked flat fee£15.00
Late collection fee £15.00

Day Fees 2023/24

Prep (Year Rec-2)£3,898 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Prep (Years 3-6)£4,107 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Seniors (Years 7-9)£5,294 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Seniors (Years 10-11)£5,395 per term plus compulsory lunch charge
Sixth Form (Years 12-13)£5,526 per term lunch optional

Breakfast is available for Senior and Sixth Form girls - this will be charged to a pre-paid catering card.

Full Boarding Fees 2023/24

Senior (Year 7-9)£11,965 per term
Senior (Year 10-11)£12,139 per term
Sixth Form (Year 12-13)£12,577 per term

Daughters of Service families of Her Majesty’s Forces receive 10% off full boarding fees.

Weekly Boarding Fees 2023/24

Senior (Year 7-9)£10,699 per term
Senior (Year 10-11)£10,852 per term
Sixth Form (Year 12-13)£11,305 per term

Flexible Boarding 2023/24

Sunday to Thursday nights£63.75 per night
Friday and Saturday nights£80.50 per night

Flexible boarding is available on a first come first served basis subject to the boarding houses having beds available.

Bookings are made with the relevant housemistress and can be booked for a maximum of three nights per week.

Compulsory Termly Lunch Charges from Sept 2023

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Boarders (all year groups)Included within boarding feesIncluded within boarding feesIncluded within boarding fees
NurseryCharged with session bookingsCharged with session bookingsCharged with session bookings
Reception - Year 6£270£270£270
Years 7 - 10£299£299£299
Year 11 (reduced due to Summer study leave)£244£244£244

Sixth Form lunch purchased on ad hoc basis from café or dining hall - £4.90 daily

Individual casual supper charge for day girls - £4.90 daily

Break time purchases in the dining hall and café can be made through the girls cashless catering accounts.

Home to School Transport Charges 2023-24

1-3 trips4-9 trips10 trips
Zone A£3.45£2.60£2.25
Zone B£5.85£4.40£3.85
Zone C£6.65£5.00£4.35

Prices are per trip per week.

All home to school transport bookings and payments are made through our transport website https://rhsbath.vectare.co.uk/. The network has been reviewed and developed to improve the opportunities for students to use the transport and keep journey times as short as possible. You will have received the letter from Miss Heidi Baber explaining the changes to the School day starting in September 2022. This will mean that bus departures will be 16:30 Monday to Thursday and 16:10 on Fridays. Prep School students who have been booked onto buses will remain with other Prep School students until 16:10 on Monday to Thursday and until 15:50 on Fridays. Senior School students who have been booked onto buses must report and stay in the Dining Hall where they will be cared for.

SEND charges

If it is agreed between parents and the Head of SEND that extra support in addition to our usual provision is required, these lessons will be charged separately in arrears.

  • 1:1 Tuition £40.10 per hour

EAL charges

Students who do not have a full timetable and require EAL support will have these lessons provided at no extra cost. Students who already have a full timetable and wish to sit the additional EAL qualification will be charged separately in arrears for these lessons which will take place once every two weeks.

EAL lessons requested in addition to a full timetable will incur a charge of £21.10 per lesson

School trips and after school clubs

For school trips and after school clubs, the member of staff organising the activity or event will communicate the specific costs associated with that event to parents before they need to book their daughters onto the activity. This ensures the costs are understood in advance of any commitment to the activity.

GCSE, A Level and IB Examination Fees

All external exams will be charged individually to students based on their particular subject choices. These fees will form part of the Summer Term invoice issued by the GDST Fees Office at the end of the Spring Term.

Payment of fees

All fees must be paid via the Bank direct debit system. As is the practice of all independent schools, the fees are due and payable termly in advance before the first day of the term concerned. The Trust also operates a scheme whereby the fees may be paid by monthly instalments.

Termly or monthly payment

All fees should be paid by direct debit termly on or before the first day of each term or by monthly direct debit. No reduction is applicable during terms when there is less teaching because of public examinations.

Sibling discount

For a family with three or more daughters, the GDST is pleased to offer a 20% sibling discount on the third and subsequent sisters. This continues throughout the school career, even after the two older sisters have left.

Registration fees and deposits

Please note that the Royal High School operates on a three-term academic year. To register there is a non-refundable registration fee of £100. On accepting a place, a deposit is required: £500 (for UK day), £750 (for UK boarders) and a full term's fees for international students.


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