Term dates

Summer Term 2021

Sunday 18 AprilBoarders Return
Monday 19 AprilSumer Term Begins for All students
Friday 30 AprilBank Holiday Exeat begins (12:10pm for Nursery and Reception, 12:30pm for Prep and 3:00pm for Senior)
Monday 3 MayBank Holiday
Boarders Return
27 MayHalf Term begins (3:30pm for Prep and 4:00pm for Senior)
28 MayStaff Inset Day (Prep and Seniors)
Sunday 6 JuneBoarders Return
Monday 7 JuneTerm Resumes
Wednesday 7 JulyPrep School Summer Term ends 3.30pm Holiday Club begins at Prep School (8 July-20 August)
Thursday 8 JulySenior School Summer Term Ends 4:00pm Staff Inset Day (Prep School)

Autumn term 2021

Wednesday 1 SeptemberNew Staff Induction & Staff Independent Preparation Day
Thursday 2 SeptemberStaff Inset Day (Prep & Seniors)
Friday 3 SeptemberStaff Inset Day (Prep & Seniors)
Sunday 5 SeptemberAll Boarders Return
Monday 6 SeptemberAutumn Term Begins for Prep, Y7, 10, 12&13 and New Y8&9
Tuesday 7 SeptemberAutumn Term Begins for All Students
Friday 24 SeptemberClosed Exeat begins 4.00pm
Sunday 26 SeptemberBoarders Return
Friday 22 OctoberHalf Term Begins (3.30pm Prep, 4.00pm Senior)
Sunday 7 NovemberBoarders Return
Monday 8 NovemberTerm Resumes
Friday 19 NovemberClosed Exeat begins 4.00pm
Sunday 21 NovemberBoarders Return
Wednesday 15 DecemberAutumn Term Ends (12.20pm for Nursery/Reception and 2.40pm for all day Prep/Senior). Boarders Academic Afternoon until 3.00pm

Spring Term 2022

Tuesday 4 JanuaryStaff Inset Day (Prep & Seniors). Boarders Return
Wednesday 5 JanuarySpring Term Begins for All Students
Friday 21 JanuaryClosed Exeat begins 4.00pm
Sunday 23 JanuaryBoarders Return
Friday 18 FebruaryHalf Term Begins (3.30pm Prep, 4.00pm Senior)
Sunday 27 FebruaryBoarders Return
Monday 28 FebruaryTerm Resumes
Wednesday 6 AprilSpring Term Ends (3.30pm Prep, 4.00pm Senior)
Thursday 7 AprilStaff Independent Preparation Day
Friday 8 AprilStaff Independent Preparation Day

Summer Term 2022

Sunday 24 AprilAll Boarders Return
Monday 25 AprilSummer Term Begins for All Students
Friday 29 AprilBank Holiday Exeat Begins (12.40pm Prep and Y7-12, 3.30pm Y13)
Monday 2 MayBank Holiday. Boarders Return
Friday 27 MayHalf Term Begins (3.30pm Prep, 4.00pm Senior)
Monday 6 JuneStaff Inset Day (Prep & Senior) Boarders Return from 6.00pm
Tuesday 7 JuneTerm Resumes
Friday 8 JulySummer Term Ends (3.30pm Prep, 4.00pm Senior)

Term dates for 2020-21

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