Wellbeing Support and Facilities

As part of the GDST, we pride ourselves on being experts in the pastoral care of girls, and helping them to make their mark in the thorny world in which we live. Growing up has become more complex than ever before: young people face truly challenging futures, marked by economic instability, war, climate change and all its myriad complexities. Set against this backdrop, girls must navigate their way through an increasingly complex digital age, which holds enormous potential, but also conceals a multitude of dangers to burgeoning minds.

We specialise in helping girls to find their way through these issues, and we do so with robust tutoring, one-to-one meetings with Heads of Year and our Wellbeing Angels, and our Peer Mentoring programme, for which we are recognised as a Beacon School by the Mental Health Foundation.


We are delighted that the students at Royal High School Bath benefit from our tranquil Wellbeing Hub, which comprises three important pastoral spaces within the school and is led by Hannah Morton, Senior Teacher, Pastoral.

The Hive is a quiet common room in which any student can relax, read, do jigsaw puzzles or quietly chat at break and lunch times. Next door, The Contemplation Room is designed for silent reflection, perhaps for religious prayer, or for students who just need that quiet space to regroup between lessons. The Hub is completed by a Silent Study Zone which students can access when they need.

A plethora of clubs run from the Wellbeing Hub each week and girls benefit enormously from the ability to work collaboratively across year groups. This cross-year interaction is furthered by the Mental Health Foundation’s Peer Mentoring programme, which trains all Year 12 students to be qualified Mentors to Year 7 girls. In addition, the Year 10 students act as buddies for the Year 8s as part of our Big Sister, Little Sister initiative. Royal High School Bath has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying; students lead as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, weaving respect and kindness into the fabric of the school.

Our Wellbeing Hub is also home to our beloved cocker-spaniel, Spencer, who is never happier than when he is being walked by our students in their free time!

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