The Royal High School Bath seeks to encourage each girl to persevere and grow in self-confidence in order to discover and fulfil her potential, being ambitious for herself, whilst being a good citizen in an international and ever-changing dynamic world.

Ten key terms sum up the aspirations for our students: inquiring, knowledgeable, thinking, open-minded, reflective, risk-taking, communicative, balanced, principled and caring.



We are a dynamic, warm, friendly, culturally cosmopolitan school that values the special spark in each girl and gives her the confidence, character and self-esteem to explore her unique talents. We watch that spark of passion ignite into The Royal High School spirit.

Our rich, forward-thinking curriculum underpinned with high quality teaching and academic rigour, encourages an enduring passion for learning and discovery.

Glittering exam results and outstanding statistics are one thing (and we certainly have those), but it's your daughter that matters most to us. We are happy if she is happy, liked and respected for who she is, what she is good at, what she wants to be good at, what she wants to do and where she wants to go. We are proud of our holistic approach towards developing accomplished young women and we work as a team to help each girl find her own special place in the school. Here, your daughter will find she can become the very best that she can be, in whatever fields she chooses.

We also encourage them to become adaptable and flexible, as we believe those attributes are also critical in today's ever changing world. We are here to support and guide each girl on her individual learning journey, providing the challenges that will help her to develop her personality, her style, her ability to think independently and also a portfolio of skills, values and experiences that she can take with her, wherever she chooses to go.

Your daughter will have the brightest of futures.

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Your daughter is unique. Make sure her school is too.