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The Gift of Generosity

The power of community lies at the heart of our school and a question this week from a parent reminded me how important it is for our community to be richly diverse both culturally and economically.

Ten tors
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Family Forever

When we talk about our aims as a school - Family Forever - comes first, and with good reason. This week with so much life, laughter (as well as hard work and grit exhibited in examination halls) there is a palpable sense of community apparent throughout the whole school.

Megan and Phoebe
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Yesterday I was asked by a prospective pupil what was the best thing about working at Royal High School. Without hesitation I always respond – the girls. But this week, I qualified that - the girls because of the constant inspiration they are to us all.

RHSB Dance Show 22
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Freedom of Expression

Having revelled in the creativity and diversity of freedom of expression in the dance show, it followed naturally talking this week about Article 10 of the Human Rights Act regarding freedom of expression.

Kate Reynolds Best 2
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Break the bias

I had to admit to being a little flummoxed when one of my own children asked me, on International Women's Day, who was the woman I most admired. There are so many and yet choosing just one is so difficult, not least because of the kind of messages it sends about values and priorities.

Kate Reynolds Best 2
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Choice and Control

Many of this week’s events have shared the themes of choice and control. Talking to the Senior School about the invasion of Ukraine on Monday and then the IPCC’s second of four climate change reports on Tuesday inevitably led me to question whether I would be triggering too much anxiety.

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Random acts of kindness

Half term provides a perfect opportunity, as we spend time together, to consider what simple gestures we can make to show appreciation for others.

Going for gold assembly
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Going for Gold

Our theme this week of ‘Going for Gold’ has such connotations of all or nothing. But we are not talking medals, great though those are; we are talking about passion, obsession and commitment: the mindset needed to shine like gold.

This girl can
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Be Brave, Not Perfect

In a term when our focus is on being fearless (and, indeed, our theme next week is ‘learning to fail’) Mrs Reynolds' first assembly to the School reflected on resolutions and failure. None of us likes to fail but perhaps that is because of the way that we couch it.