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Head's Blog: Celebrations

This is a time of year to be savoured as we highlight achievements and celebrate all that makes our community strong; it is this mutual support and kindness that binds us together. 

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Head's Blog: a moment of true adventure!

With nothing but a book "without pictures or conversations" to entertain her, Alice's mind wanders, setting the stage for a fantastical exploration of a world beyond the mundane. It's in this moment of boredom that Alice's true adventure begins: croquet with flamingos, changing size and meeting the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, and the Duchess and her pig-baby. 

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Head's Blog: Just one tree

Along with our ‘go green’ themed non-uniform community fundraising day we are hopeful that the GDST forest will grow significantly and in our own small way the spirit of the Chipko movement is revived.

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Head's Blog: Harmony, a theme worth exploring

A surprising delight of my degree course came from discovering the inspirational female figures of the medieval age.

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Head's Blog: Creativity

With the sun finally finding its hat and another balmy weekend on the cards it seems that (late) Spring is finally here! It is a season like no other for inspiring the creative arts. 

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Heads Blog: A taste for travel

Inspired by the annual presentation of five life-changing travel awards presented to our students; this week, Mr Briggs told the tale of an incredible female adventurer and shared memories of his travels as a teenager and the imprint they have made on his life. 

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Head's Blog: Speaking Out!

Discovering Angelique Kidjo, Beninese-French singer-songwriter, actress and activist, who has certainly used her voice to speak out. There is a great deal we can all learn from her. 

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Head's Blog: STEAM

Our artistic practice help us to build up the STEAM we need to be successful in STEM...

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Head's Blog: International Women's Day

As many of you will know today, 8 March 2024, is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and to take action to drive gender parity.

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