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Where does AI leave education?

A new AI story or statistic hits the news daily with many having post-apocalyptic overtones with predictions. So where does that leave education? I hope AI will be the catalyst for change to our exam system.

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19 Seconds

What Can We Do To Improve our Health… A great question that was at the heart of this year’s Festival of Ideas where Years 8 and 9 came off timetable to interpret, research and respond, culminating in the Festival Fair where House teams presented their ideas.

Kate Reynolds
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An Impulsive Idea

When my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly one of my more impulsive ideas was to take my Grade 8 piano exam.

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Fancy a Career in Snow Sculpting?

Our first snow day moving seamlessly to Teams (after an obligatory spot of snow well-being) reminds us of how adaptable and agile we have all become since lockdown learning.

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All About Girls

Wimbledon High School’s Head, Fionnuala Kennedy’s recent blog epitomised everything that, in my mind, is good and bad about the current debate on girls/boys men/women, how they are treated and how they treat each other.

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Sunak's plans for all to study maths until age 18

Sunak’s announcement on maths being studied by all until 18 raises a lot of questions not least why the gold standard of our recently reformed Maths GCSE now needs propping up with additional qualifications.

Linked In Queen 2022
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In memoriam: Queen Elizabeth II

Today, as a School, we gave thanks to Queen Elizabeth II for her reign.

Leadership handover 21-22
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What girls’ school provide is the space, encouragement, mentoring and role-modelling for girls to learn and to live without limits and to have the confidence to explore these.

Festival of Ideas Poster for screens and social media
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Finding Our Voice

Festival of Ideas theme this year – Finding Your Voice – resonated in unexpected ways this week, both literally and metaphorically.

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