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A Level and IB Art Showcase 2020

The Art Department is housed in the beautiful Art School, which is bathed in natural light.

The Fine Art Programme is a ‘full on’ creative experience – it is an Art School, after all! All students that elect to study this programme can expect to experience core skills, like drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and three-dimensional studies, as well as being adventurous in all sorts of new and exciting ways. Students have timetabled lessons within the Art School and will move from one specialist area to another through their working weeks, just like one might in the professional world of creativity. The studios are for your use, as a young artist, and are places where you can become a fuller and more complete version of your creative self.

You will be encouraged to explore your own ideas and you will also be encouraged to see more in the things that you are observing. The more we see and understand the better our recording of this information becomes. So the harder we look the better artists we become. Our desire, within the Art School, is for each student studying this programme to experience the utter joy of creativity and to seek enrichment through their own learning. We are all ‘Life Long Learners’ and this is true of we as Art Staff, as we continue to observe, record, make and form in pursuit of our own artistic ambitions. Our passion for making art makes us far better and far more engaged educators. We share that passion for creativity with you as you create.

There have been guest speakers, like Emma Stibbon RA who joined us recently to discuss her work, Dr Christopher Stephens, who can pop in to talk about Art and his experience of being Director of the Holburne Museum, Bath and also we love to see our Fine Art Alumnae returning to share their creative lives and their subsequent journeys through Art and Design.

You will always be very well supported by a talented and professional art team of staff, where the range of expertise on offer is always evident through the daily activities of the Art School, where a new day always brings new creative thoughts and ideas.

Our Art lessons are super inclusive and enjoyable, this year I have enjoyed sculpture, especially using mod rock!”
Year 7 student

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