Business and Economics

IGCSE Business Studies (CIE) is an ideal subject for those who want to go on to study PPE, Politics, Accountancy, Management, International Relations, work in the City or Law, be an entrepreneur, a journalist or a civil servant. It complements both arts and science subjects.”

The rise of China and India, the growth of AI and the financial crash have made the subject more relevant and popular than ever. The growth of an entrepreneurial society and ease with which a new business can be launched using the Internet and new technologies, such as 3D printing, have brought links with IT and DT and the subject is vital for anyone considering their own start-up in the future. Those who are most suited to Business Studies are able to communicate their ideas in words and numbers, so you need to be literate and numerate as well as having a keen interest in current affairs, both in the UK and overseas.

We offer the CIE Business Studies IGCSE course, this well-established IGCSE looks at all the functional areas of a Business, People, Finance, Production and Marketing as well as exploring what makes a successful entrepreneur and how events beyond the control of a firm can determine is the business will succeed or fail. Fans of Dragons’ Den or The Apprentice will enjoy having the opportunity to find out how it should be done. We offer a number of opportunities for students to demonstrate their Business acumen over the two years of the IGCSE course.

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