Physical Education

GCSE PE is a great subject for girls to study and is incredibly popular at Royal High School Bath”
Pip Atkinson, Director of Sport (2020)

We are very fortunate to have high-level athletes on the coaching staff, and their personal experiences provide a fascinating insight into the life of an elite athlete and add to the learning experience of the girls.

There are two components to the Physical Education GCSE syllabus: Practical and Theory.

The Practical component is worth 30% of the overall marks. Here you take part and are assessed in 3 activities of your choice, selected from a wide range of sports including: hockey, netball, tennis, basketball, badminton, athletics and dance. You are also able to submit additional activities through video evidence such as horse riding, skiing, swimming and rowing.

Each practical activity is studied for a half-term module with ongoing assessment of a variety of areas.

The Theory component supports work done in the practical sessions and is examined by a 2 x 1 hour 15-minute paper worth 70% of the marks.

Areas covered include applied Anatomy and Physiology, movement analysis, physical training, use of data, sports psychology and socio-cultural influences.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

GCSE Curriculum