Religion and Philosophy

In a world where religion and philosophy together play such a critical role in global events, this subject encourages the girls to think for themselves and develop their own personal responses to some of the essential human questions.”
Ms Bridgman

Through studying this subject, our students explore the traditions, diverse values and beliefs which are relevant to them and the world in which they live. They also examine how different forms of religious, philosophical, humanistic and scientific knowledge can conflict with, and also complement each other. They learn that there is no simple or totally ‘right' answer to so many of the problems facing humanity today, and instead learn to view, evaluate and reflect on a personal level about their developed understanding of the issues.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 we aim to study a variety of beliefs and practices in world religions as well as looking at some ethical and philosophical questions. There is a focus on discussion, enquiry and argument skills. Students learn from each other, investigate and develop their own responses to the material. Project work in the summer term allows students to get to delve into a topic and bring their creativity and thinking to its presentation.

The GCSE is currently offered as a full course in the option block, and the short course in the extension block. The course offers the opportunity to learn about two religions in-depth, as well as various ethical and philosophical questions.

Philosophy Club meets during lunchtime to discuss a wide variety of questions. The aim is to offer students a chance to explore ideas that are not directly related to the curriculum and provides students with a fascinating opportunity to extend their learning and dig deeper into their understanding of a whole range of issues and concepts.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

GCSE Curriculum