RSHE - Relationships, Sex and Health Education could be better entitled ‘Education for Life’. It is in these fortnightly sessions that students learn the skills that equip them for life beyond the classroom.”
Mr Hadrian Briggs, Deputy Head (Academic)
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Students have a chance to discuss topics freely, in a safe space. This allows them to be brave in expressing themselves, in addition to learning compassion for others and increasing their communication skills through collaboration and discussion and project work.

There is an overall theme from Years 7-9, covering key aspects of taking responsibility for a healthy body, mind, relationships, and their place in society. We work closely in accordance with the key British Values, emphasising the importance of tolerance, democracy and rule of law.

We take education for good mental health very seriously and girls are involved in the Peer Education Project with The Mental Health Foundation. Students will also have age-appropriate sessions on sex and relationships, run by the Head of RSHE as well as hearing from a wide range of guest speakers including regular visits from specialists including the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

In Year 7, the emphasis is on coping with the change to Senior School. We cover topics such as changing friendships, changing bodies and puberty, dealing with different work patterns, and healthy living. Towards the end of the year, we look more towards the future, thinking about the world of work and future aspirations.

In Year 8 we introduce more ideas of healthy relationships and explore the concept of risk, with its dangers and benefits. We talk more about living in society, and our rights and responsibilities. Students are encouraged to think more about the world around them, debating current issues such as our responsibilities towards refugees. We also run sessions on First Aid and look at personal safety.

In Year 9 we recognise that this is the year of options and decisions. Our students are encouraged to become critical thinkers through sessions on making choices and solving dilemmas, including safe relationship choices.

We also educate them on how society makes decisions, looking at the role of government, and how laws are made. They have the chance to become more economically literate, by debating sensible choices involving money and budgeting. Students make many positive comments about RSHE. They enjoy having the freedom to debate and to take risks with their opinions.

They appreciate that being educated about the whole person is important, and that understanding and improving your emotional literacy can lead to a happier and more fulfilled person.

It is our aim that RSHE will equip our students with the tools to deal with our rapidly changing world, and face those challenges with resilience and positivity.