Our Biology Department is housed in the dedicated Science Building and is made up of a team of motivated, enthusiastic, talented teachers and a technician who all specialise in delivering an excellent all-round Biology education.”

Lessons take place in our three specialist Biology laboratories. These are excellently resourced with modern, innovative equipment. Items such as a Gel Electrophoresis machine which enables students to understand the fascinating topic of DNA analysis. We are fortunate to have constant access to our beautiful school grounds, including a well-maintained pond, which means the study of ecology is at our fingertips at all times. We are pleased to have the use of the newly refurbished greenhouse; this will allow the students to experience the joys of horticulture both within lessons and in the extra-curricular clubs.

We challenge the girls throughout their study of Biology. Beginning to teach the IGCSE syllabus a year early, in Year 9, this allows time for more varied activities and deeper investigations into the topics at hand. Through this, we find our students’ understanding is both enhanced and enriched.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping our students achieve their very best. Approachable at all times and on hand to help with extra revision or group work whenever required. The team run a number of clubs and societies to further stretch and support the girls. These range from the Key Stage 3 Science Club, the KS4 and KS5 Science Society, featuring speakers from top universities, to our annual involvement in the national Biology Challenge. Every member of Year 10 enters this online competition, which attracts thousands of entries across the UK. Each year, we are proud to award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to our girls for their impressive results.

Classroom-based teaching is supported by a range of fantastic trips throughout the year. Highlights include a trip to Folly Farm in Year 8, where the girls have the chance to study animals in their natural environment and get to grips with hands-on ecological practices. A visit to the stunning Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Year 7. By the time, the girls reach Year 10 they are in a position to take full advantage of the annual Science Live Conference, where they listen to excellent speakers such as Professor Robert Winston, the renowned Richard Dawkins, and advice given by the Chief Examiner of the GCSE syllabus. In order to give the girls a taste of careers utilising Biology we also offer the opportunity to participate in workshops such as Operating Theatre Live or Medical Mavericks.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

GCSE Curriculum