Design Technology

Product Design in particular is one of the most popular choices at GCSE, bucking the trend for girls’ education across the UK, something of which we are especially proud. These girls, most certainly, can.”
Mrs Gill, Head of Technology

Our dedicated Product Design workshops are equipped with highly advanced resources, such as a laser cutting machine, 4-axis routing machines and a brand new 3D printer. This printer, in particular, enables the girls to see the designs they create on our specialist computer-aided drawing software to come to life in top quality, sophisticated models.

Throughout the GCSE course, the girls receive specialist tuition in their chosen subject, and our results and the quality of work produced speaks for itself:

The Product Design course encourages students to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. Girls are taught manufacturing skills such as metal turning, welding and brazing, traditional wood joining, forming and laminating, Computer-Aided Design using Pro Desk Top and Computer Aided Manufacture, to name but a few. Packaging, labelling, instructions, advertising and points of sales are very much seen as part of the complete design proposal, meaning girls are introduced to the importance of commercial viability and real-life application as a core element of their studies. In Year 11, students opting for A-level DT with Maths have the opportunity to apply for an Arkwright Scholarship, a prestigious national award to support talented designers wishing to pursue a career in an engineering type profession. Each year we are proud that at least 1 or 2 students are successful in winning this scholarship.

In the Summer term of each year, a dedicated DT exhibition is held to display the impressive range of work produced by the girls, a collection and experience which is enjoyed by the whole school community and which brings great admiration from outside visitors.

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