Textiles is a creative, fun and exciting subject. We have an innovative approach that allows our students to flourish into skilled, confident designers and craftswomen.”

Our Textiles suite is also fantastically equipped, with each girl in each class having access to their own brand new sewing machine. Other resources include over-lockers, sublimation printers, and the ability to undertake computer-aided embroidery.

Throughout the GCSE course, the girls receive specialist tuition in their chosen subject, and our results and the quality of work produced speaks for itself:

Throughout the Textiles GCSE, the girls explore ways in which aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social dimensions interact to shape the design and production process. They develop skills in creativity and critical analysis by making links between the principles of good design, existing solutions and technological knowledge. For example, in the Autumn term the girls are tasked with designing and making a unique top inspired by a trend for Spring/Summer 2016. The girls have the same sewing pattern to follow and the same plain white fabric but they must add colour, prints, and/or graphics using suitable fabric colouring techniques to help make their top an appealing one-off. Being based in Bath, we often make great use of the wonderful Fashion Museum at the Assembly Rooms to help inspire and inform our students.

In the Summer term of each year, a dedicated DT exhibition is held to display the impressive range of work produced by the girls, a collection and experience which is enjoyed by the whole school community and which brings great admiration from outside visitors.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

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